Twin Souls Merging

Twin Souls Merging – George Reeves & Jean Cline: A Psychological & Spiritual Journey


Twin Souls Merging; The personal account told by Jean Cline and Gary Duncan.

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Twin Souls Merging

Twin Souls Merging

On June 16, 1959, when Jean Cline was 13 years old, the spirit of George Reeves came to her. That’s what she told a highly skeptical psychotherapist, Gary Duncan, when she first came to his office in the spring of 1996. Gary, who at the time was a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor holding a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling, initially concluded that the woman before him was perhaps delusional, if not outright psychotic. He would spend the next several months trying to unravel what he perceived to be Jean’s delusional system in a compassionate attempt to help her. But something peculiar happened. The more Gary tried to unravel Jean’s delusions, the more his own hypotheses unraveled; the more he attempted to explain her case using traditional clinical approaches, the more inexplicable it became. At times, Gary even doubted his own senses. Was that George’s voice he heard? Did that glow around Jean really take on the image and likeness of George Reeves—the late TV Superman actor whom Gary once despised? In an ultimate ploy to unravel Jean’s delusions, Gary indulged her on a trip to the Super Museum in Metropolis, IL. By the end of that trip, Jean had left yet another professional baffled and stunned. In an effort to make sense of what he was witnessing, Gary gave Jean a series of psychological tests, which she took on two separate occasions—once as herself, and once as George Reeves. Dr. George Lester, an independent psychologist not otherwise connected with this case, evaluated the test results. Dr. Lester verified that each of the MMPI and NEO PI-R profiles were valid, which meant Jean and George answered the questions truthfully. What was most surprising, however, was that two distinct psychological profiles emerged. Whether George is the personification of Jean’s higher power, an alter personality, or a soul awaiting completion with its feminine counterpart, one thing’s for certain: George is real. Travel with Jean and Gary through their initial encounter, past-life regressions, psychic experiments, and clinical testing as they tell the story of how a highly educated and well respected psychotherapist ran out of clinical explanations and eventually came to believe that George Reeves and Jean Cline are Twin Souls Merging.

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