Gary Duncan

Author Picture--Color Duncan-SMRev. Gary W. Duncan, M.S., M.A., CSM/OCP

Career Overview: Gary W. Duncan began his career in the funeral business and later went into industrial chemistry where he spent five years as a polymer researcher. Another five years, he worked in a variety of settings conducting behavioral and social science research. Following his research career, he spent the next twenty-one years in private practice as a psychotherapist, counselor, sex therapist, sex educator and was a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the State of Ohio. Currently, he is a writer and published author, lecturer, educator and an ordained Gnostic Catholic Priest,

Research and Teaching Career: For thirty years, Gary has conducted independent research in sexology, consciousness studies, psychic phenomena and Western and Eastern esoteric, spiritual and religious traditions. He also taught at the University of Cincinnati, Southern Ohio College, The Union Institute, Guilford Technical Community College, Central Piedmont Community College and Duke University. Gary lectured and taught courses on topics ranging from English, English as a second language, mathematics, psychology, sociology, sexology, sacred and esoteric sexuality, Western and Eastern esoteric traditions, reincarnation, the soul, death and dying, near-death-experience, parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, dream work, the Gnostic religion, spirituality, and science and spirituality integration.

Education: Gary holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master degree in Counseling from the University of Cincinnati. He also holds a Master degree in Corrections (Criminal Justice) from Xavier University and postgraduate work in Social Psychology from the University of Cincinnati and ABD in Counseling from the University of Cincinnati. He has specialized training in chemistry from ICS and USI Chemical. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy training from the Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute. Specialized studies in Jungian Analytical Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Jung Association and the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. Sexology and Sex Therapy training from The University of Kentucky College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati Central Psychiatric Clinic and the Masters and Johnson Institute. Consciousness studies from Saybrook Institute and the Monroe Institute. Gary also has specialized training in transpersonal psychology, imagery and hypnosis from the University of Cincinnati and the American Imagery Institute. He has theological training from the Gnostic Catholic Apostolic Church of North America, North American Seminary and Licentiate of Divine Letters in Theology from International, Theological Institute of the L’Eglise Gnostique Apostolique. He also holds an honorary doctorate from the College of Neotarian Philosophy in Applied Metaphysical Psychology

Lectures, Courses, Workshop and Outreach: One of Gary’s talents is the ability to take seemingly complex topics and issues in diverse fields and integrate them into a coherent whole; making them easy to understand for the general audience. He uses this ability to create lectures, workshops and courses integrating science, especially quantum physics with Western and Eastern religions, esoteric, mystical and spiritual traditions. Gary is also a Spiritual Director, specializing in spiritual development facilitation, soul work, death, the afterlife and transcendence. He also works in the wellness and insurance industry as a Wellness/Insurance Educator and Promoter. He approaches his spirituality from the integrative or holistic perspective, perceiving all reality as a sacred whole or oneness, leading to a path of balance. Within this context, Gary lectures and gives courses on reincarnation, past lives, near-death-experiences and the soul’s transition into the afterlife by using guided imagery techniques.

Spiritual Specialty and Publications: Gary has written academic papers and articles for various magazines: This Week in Texas, The Cincinnati Gay Yellow Pages, The Greater Cincinnati Resource Directory, Journal of Counseling and Human Service Profession, 50-Plus Magazine, Health & Healing, Health Care Reform and New Dawn Magazine. Gary has published the book Twin Souls Merging and is in the process of writing a second book, Death Transcendence and Beyond: A Psychopomp’s Guide Helping Souls into the Afterlife. At present, Gary is an ordained Gnostic Catholic Priest, a writer, lecturer, spiritual director, spiritual development facilitator, consultant, educator, esoteric researcher and philosopher, independent paranormal researcher and investigator. He currently lives in North Carolina with his life partner.

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