Daryl Coston

Author Picture--Color Coston-SM Daryl I. Coston, BS., CHC

After graduating from High School in 1975, Daryl enlisted in the Marines. While in the Marines, he was diagnosis with Type I diabetes and his life changed forever. After receiving a medical discharge, he returned to his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Understanding the repercussions of diabetes, Daryl decided to go on a strict diet and exercise routine. Within a few years of successfully controlling his diabetes, his interest drastically changed to natural health. He pursued a degree in Psychology and graduate work in Health Promotions, from the University of Cincinnati. These two areas, coupled with using vitamin and nutritional supplementation facilitated the successful managing of his diabetes. In 1994, he brought all these areas together and opened The Vitamin Connection a retail business focusing on vitamin and nutritional supplements along with consultation.

A few years later, Daryl expanded the nutritional consulting component of his business by
creating a second business with two colleagues called Healthy Lifestyles Associates. This
business customized lifestyle management, nutritional supplementation and exercise to an
individual’s specific health needs. Throughout this period, while successfully controlling his
diabetes and helping people with their nutrition needs, Daryl had a spiritual awakening realizing we are composed of spirit, soul and body. This led him to explore various forms of spiritual disciplines and meditation practices, as well as coauthoring and editing a book on the soul titled Twin Souls Merging.

In 2000, Daryl sold his vitamin business, moved south and became a sales representative for
natural products in North and South Carolina. As a sales representative, he sold a variety of
natural health products to retail stores, eventually specializing in Essential Fatty Acids. He
represented an Essential Fatty Acid Company for over ten years and created the company’s first training manual on the benefits and uses of EFA’s. In this new specialty, he began conducting staff trainings and consumer lectures at health food stores around using EFA’s.

In 2012, Daryl decided to change his career by expanding his knowledge of natural health to a different venue. First, he enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Health Coach (CHC). Next, along with a business colleague, he formed Customized Wellness Solutions LLC which focused on products and services around an individual’s bio-chemical imbalances. During this period, he also discovered that health insurance was a factor in health management and decided to pursue his insurance license for Health and Sickness. Along with Health and Sickness, he also became licensed in Medicare, Long Term Care and Life Insurance and Coston Insurance Services was formed. Daryl also has recently signed a contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina to sell health insurance to individuals under 65 and has also become a career insurance agent for Mutual of Omaha. Daryl focuses on customizing Insurance products to fit the needs of the individual. Because Daryl is an independent insurance agent he has access to a variety of insurance products.

Daryl holds a B.S.in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati and has pursued graduate
studies in Health Promotions
. He is a Certified Natural Health Professional from the National
Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals and is also a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He is licensed in the state of North Carolina as an
Insurance Agent and has taught Medicare at Duke University. Daryl has co-authored and edited the book Twin Souls Merging.